Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Analyzer

Short Description:

Product Name: Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Analyzer
Model: BFQP-48
Product Introduction:
QuantFinder 48 Real-time PCR analyzer is a new generation of fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument independently developed by Bigfish. It is small in size, easy for transport, up  to run 48 samples and can carry out multiple PCR reaction of 48 samples at one time. The output of the results is stable, and the instrument can be widely used in clinical IVD detection, scientific research, food detection and other fields.

Product Detail

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● Compact and light, easy to move
● Imported high quality photoelectric detection components, high strength and high stability signal output.
● User-friendly software for convenient operation
● Full automatic hot-lid, one button to open and close
● Build-in screen to display instrument status
● Up to 5 channels and carry out multiple PCR reaction easily
● High light and Long life of LED light don’t need to maintain. After moving, no need calibration.

Application Scenario

● Research: Molecular clone, construction of vector, sequencing, etc.
● Clinical diagnostic: Pathogen detection, genetic screening, tumor screening and diagnosis, etc.
● Food safety: Pathogenic bacteria detection, GMO detection, food-borne detection, etc.
● Animal epidemic prevention: Pathogen detection about animal epidemic.

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