Integrated Molecular Detection System

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The whole process of sample extraction and fluorescent quantitative PCR amplification was completed within 1 hour, direct result of negative and positive.

Users only need to add samples and run with one click to get the experimental results.

The structure design of the handheld gene detector is exquisite, the volume is small, and it is easy to carry and carry. It’s always convenient.

Supporting Internet of things module, through mobile phone app control, easy to achieve remote upgrade control System, data transmission, etc.

Safe and accurate:
Customers only need to add samples, no need to contact any reagents, sample extraction + gene amplification.The detection process is integrated to avoid cross contamination, and the results are accurate and reliable.

Application fields:

It can be used in scientific research institutions, medical, disease control, government and other institutions, especially for remote or experimental supporting equipment such as hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, animal husbandry, physical examination, public security investigation scene, community hospital and so on.Many scene areas with imperfect facilities are convenient to carry and use in remote areas, and provide fast and accurate services for the groups who are inconvenient in long-distance medical treatment.


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