Thermal Cycler FC-96B

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Thermal Cycler (FC-96B) is a portable gene amplification instrument that is small and light enough to be carried on the go.

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①Fast ramping rate: to 5.5°C/s, saving valuable experimental time.

②Stable temperature control: industrial semiconductor temperature control system leads to accurate temperature control and great uniformity between wells.

③Various functions:flexible program setting, adjustable time, temperature gradient, and temperature change rate, built-in Tm calculator.

④Easy to use:Built-in graph-text quick operation guide, suitable for operators with various backgrounds.

⑤Dual-mode temperature control:TUBE mode automatically simulates the actual temperature in the tube according to the reaction volume, which makes the temperature control more accurate;The BLOCK mode directly displays the temperature of the metal block,applicable to the small volume reaction system, and takes shorter time in same program.

Model FC-96B
Sample volume and consumable type 96-well×0.2 mL (Full-skirted plate,half-skirtedplate,Non-skirted plate; 12×8 strip tubes,

8×12 strip tubes,Single tube)

Technology program Thermoelectric semiconductor technology
Monitor Color touch screen (7 inch)
Screen adjustability Fixed
Block temperature range
Maximum ramp rate
Temperature distribution ±0.3℃(55℃)
Gradient 36℃ max and accuracy is ±0.5℃
Temperature accuracy ≤±0.1℃(55℃)
Temperature control mode Block mode, Tube mode
Ramp rate adjusting range 0.1~4.5℃
Program capacity Infinite
Hot lid temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
Intelligent hot lid Hot lid shut-off automatically when product is preserved at low temperature or program ends
Voltage range 100~240VAC.50/60Hz
Thermal Cycler
Thermal Cycler

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