Bigfish mid-year team building

On June 16, on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of Bigfish, our anniversary celebration and work summary meeting was held as scheduled, all staffs attended this meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Peng, the general manager of Bigfish, made an important report, summarizing the work achievements and shortcomings of Bigfish in the past six months, and telling the target and prospect of the second half of the year.
The meeting pointed out that in the past six months, Bigfish has achieved some milestones, but there are also some shortcomings and exposed some problems. In response to these problems, Wang Peng put forward the improvement plan for future work. He proposed that we should strengthen teamwork, take responsibility, improve professionalism and constantly challenge ourselves in order to achieve high level and quality development individually and collectively in the ever-changing market situation.

After the report, the founder and chairman of the board, Mr. Xie Lianyi, made an outlook on the anniversary. He pointed out that the achievements made by Bigfish in the past six months or even six years are the result of the common struggle of all the staffs of Bigfish, but the past achievements have become history, with history as the mirror, we can know the rise and fall, the sixth anniversary is just a new beginning, in the future Bigfish will take the past as the food, and continue to charge the peak and create brilliant. The meeting came to an end in the warm applause of the whole audience.

After the meeting, Bigfish organized a mid-year team building activity in 2023 on the following day, the place of the group building is Zhejiang North Grand Canyon located in Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In the morning, the troops went up the mountain road with the rhythm of the rain and the sound of the stream, although the rain was rapid, it was hard to extinguish the fire-like enthusiasm, although the road was dangerous, it was hard to stop the song. At noon, we reached the top of the mountain one after another, and as far as the eye could see, it became clear that the hardships and dangers were not a disaster, and the fish leaped to the sky to become a dragon.

After lunch, everyone was ready to go, bring water guns, water scoops, to the canyon rafting trip, the staff each group, formed a small team, in the rafting process of water gun battle, both experience the rafting game brought pleasure also increased the team cohesion, in a laughter ended the perfect journey.

In the evening, the company held a group birthday party for those who had their birthdays in the second quarter, and gave warm gifts and sincere wishes to each birthday girl. During the dinner party, a K-song contest was also held, and the masters came out one after another, pushing the atmosphere to the climax. This group building activity not only relaxed our body and mind, but also enhanced the team cohesion. In the next work, we will continue to work together and persevere, to strengthen the foundation for our own improvement in all aspects and to contribute to the development of the company.

Post time: Jun-21-2023