Congratulations on Hangzhou Bigfish Bio-tech Co., Ltd. for winning the National Certificate

The development of life science changes rapidly. The concept of nucleic acid detection in molecular biology is known by the general public as a result of the epidemic of New Corona virus pneumonia. Nucleic acid detection has also played an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

As a high-tech and innovative enterprise in the field of life science, Hangzhou Bigfish Bio-tech Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to product research and development also to technological innovation, and developed innovative products closely around nucleic acid molecular detection. In the past two years, Hangzhou Bigfish Bio-tech Co., Ltd. has obtained more than 30 patents and various certificates. In December 2019, Hangzhou bigfish Biotechnology Co., Ltd. passed the evaluation of high-tech enterprises and became a national high-tech enterprise.

Hangzhou Bigfish Bio-tech Co., Ltd. was recently awarded the certification of “national high tech enterprise” jointly issued by Zhejiang Provincial Department of science and technology, Zhejiang provincial finance department, State Administration of Taxation and Zhejiang provincial taxation bureau.


We will continue to innovate and provide better products and services to users in the field of life science.


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Post time: May-23-2021